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Infertility & Reproductive Stress
You are not alone.

Pregnancy Loss and Infertility: 

Miscarriage is the most common pregnancy loss, estimated to occur in 20-50% of all conceptions. Infertility impacts 1 in 6 couples in the United States.
This means that while you may feel lonely - you are not alone.

Counseling can help with:
  • Learning basic survival strategies;
  • Making decisions you can live with;
  • Advocating for yourself in a medical minefield;
  • Strengthening relationships;
  • Processing feelings related to the risks involved in IVF; and,
  • Handling the grief of reproductive loss.

Pregnancy-Related Stress:

So often I have heard, "I have wanted to be pregnant for so long, how come I don't feel happy?"  Pregnancy is a wonderful time and it can also be a time of anxiety, depression, and fear. There are many difficult decisions and adjustments to make. 

Counseling can help with:
  • Managing difficult feelings and focusing on self care;
  • Exploring practical steps to help reduce anxiety about the unknown; and,
  • Reconnecting with your partner and support system.
Appointments available for individuals and couples.

For resources on reproductive loss, including information on support groups in your area, use the Resolve logo below as a link to their site:

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